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In the all of the tomes, in all of the libraries, in all of Eonus, there is no mention of “The Realmsmen”. Though, if you ask anyone on the streets, everyone knows who they are. Or, at least, what they do.

The true history of the Realmsmen is unknown to most common folk. Sure, there are rumors, but no one can prove that their rumor is truer than the next. All everyone seems to know is that their flyers started hanging in city after city, offering work to those who were brave enough.

They didn’t seem to care how you felt about the world, the empire, or its inhabitants. They also paid pretty well. No one could say if they were aligned to the Deskarr Empire or completely freelance. But the Empire didn’t seem to have a problem with them in their cities.

Their numbers are countless, some secretly wear the sigil. Some wear it proud. All with different backgrounds, lifestyles, and beginnings. It is truly an organization of secrecy. Secrecy was something they were very good at. Since not every job that they claimed was considered lawful, some people called for death for anyone who wore the Realmsmen’s sigil. But, for the right price, even those people could be taken care of.

You are a member of this organization. A new recruit who is just trying to make a living. You have come from your own background and unfortunately fell on hard times. Now you plan to turn your life around as a mercenary for hire in the world famous “Realmsmen”.

Home Page

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